The Royalscope Fe-As-Ko

By Randall Beth Platt

"From one rapid-fire gag to the next,the plot hit targets left and right...
Royal sums up this hilarious book best: 'Who needed moving pictures
when real life was as farcical as this?'"
—Publishers Weekly

In The Royalscope Fe-As-Ko, Northwest cattle rancher Royal Leckner finds himself in the middle of another fe-as-ko, this time in 1915 Hollywood, early in the silent era.

Dreams of stardom for her daughter, Elsie, and for herself entice Royal's wife, E.M., to buy a silent film company. She quickly renames it Royalscope Productions in order to convince her fuming husband it's a gift.

When Royal arrives in Hollywood with his two young sons, Chick'n'Tad, everyone gets into the act. There's a nefarious-looking director who might be a crook — or just a failure. A handsome but shady leading man who might be after Royal's daughter — or more of his money. A young English professor cum scriptwriter who might have dreams — or designs — of his own. And then there's Western film star William S. Hart, who happens to look very much like Royal. Or is it the other way around? And whose side is he on? It's hard to tell with all the acting that's going on.

Through the homespun storytelling of Royal Leckner, the silent film era of Hollywood takes on a whole new life. Vanity hasn't been this much fun since Thackeray wrote Vanity Fair . Randall Beth Platt has once again taken a fresh, warm, and funny approach to the Old West. And Hollywood to boot.

$21.95 cloth, 288 pages, ISBN 0-945774-35-4. Also available in an audio edition.

Click here to read the first chapter of The Royalscope Fe-As-Ko.

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