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Retail and Wholesale: Our books are no longer distributed by Independent Publishers Group (IPG). Books have to be ordered directly from us.
Our discounts are 40% for retail and 50% for wholesale. E-mail us at, or call us at 203-230-2548, and we will quickly send out an invoice.
We prefer payment via Paypal (our Pay Pal e-mail address is and, if possible, shipping collect.

Individuals. We would like to make it easy for you to buy our books. However, since we sell so few books directly,
we do not take credit cards. But we do accept payment via Pay Pal.

To order a paperback or hardcover book, simply call or e-mail us (203-230-2548, We will enclose an invoice and stamped envelope with the books, and you can send a check or money order, or pay via Pay Pal (our Pay Pal e-mail address is

Also, for each book you buy from us, you can buy another of our books at half-price (and it is the more expensive book whose price is halved).
So, if you want Karel Čapek's Tales from Two Pockets, which is priced at $14.95, you can also try, for just $6.47,
a copy of a wonderful humor book by Jeffrey Shaffer, It Came with the House, which is priced at $13.95.
How does this work? Since the more expensive book will be half-price at only $7.47,
the total cost of the two books is only $21.42, so adding the Shaffer humor book costs you only $6.47!

Shipping within the U.S. is just $5.00, no matter how many books you order; for shipments over $50, shipping is free.
Sorry, but we do not ship outside the U.S. However, many of our books are available in the U.K. through Turnaround Publisher Services,
181-829-3000, or through U.K. publishers.

E-books of Catbird titles by Karel Čapek can now be purchased directly from Catbird Press in PDF, EPub, or MOBI (Kindle) formats for $10 each.
Payment is via Pay Pal (our Pay Pal e-mail address is Include a note in your payment, such as
"Please send a (format name) of Tales from Two Pockets to (your e-mail address)"
or send a separate e-mail to, which we can respond to with the e-book attached.

If you have any questions, either:

Call 203-230-2548, M-F, 8-6 E.S.T.

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