Advanced Law Firm Mismanagement

By Arnold B. Kanter

with drawings by Paul Hoffman

"As an antidote to increased competition and falling profit margins,
all lawyers would benefit from reading this book."

--Westchester Bar Journal

More committee meetings, memos, and miscellany from the amusingly inept firm of Fairweather, Winters & Sommers. But this time, Stanley Fairweather, the mythical firm's octogenarian founder, intersperses humorous reminiscences from decades of law practice, as well as a few concerns about where the profession is headed.

The chapters range from "The No-Longer Compliant Client" and "De-Honing Legal Minds" to "Bar Hopping" and "Advice to the Lawlorn." The lies to tell when associates leave, how to best exploit the cc, and an all-male committee trying to decide what to do about women lawyers . . . this book's got it all.

$12.95 paper, 200 pp., ISBN 0-945774-20-6.

Click here to read a sample story from Advanced Law Firm Mismanagement.

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