The Handbook of Law Firm

By Arnold B. Kanter

with drawings by Paul Hoffman

"The Handbook is to the law firm experience what M*A*S*H
was to the Korean conflict."

Chicago Bar Association Record

Law used to be a profession. People went to law school because they didn't have the drive for business, or the stomach for blood. Now things have changed law is a business and lawyers need the drive and the stomach, not to mention a sense of humor.

This collection of memos, speeches, and notes of committee meetings from the mythical firm of Fairweather, Winters & Sommers has everything you need to know to royally mismanage a law firm. We learn from our mistakes or so they say and Fairweather, Winters & Sommers has made them all.

The topics range from the growth of receivables (eliminate the computer print-out?) and the attraction of new clients (with essence of cigar?), to the preservation of associates (pay them the going rate and they may stop going) and the opening of a branch office (in the Caribbean?!)

This is one of Catbird's best selling books, and any lawyer you give it to you will quickly tell you why.

$13.95 paper, 200 pp., ISBN 0-945774-12-5.

Click here to read a sample story from The Handbook of Law Firm Mismanagement.

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