Human Resources

A Corporate Nightmare

By Floyd Kemske

"A wonderfully ambigious and deliciously wicked tale
leavened by humor ... in a jugular vein."
Kirkus Reviews

"Like the best black comedy, Kemske creates ... worlds of the imagination
that make the reader first laugh, then blanch, and then grasp the painful plausibility."
Boston Phoenix Literary Supplement

Corporate management is the use of humans as resources. So is vampirism.

Biomethods, Inc. is a struggling biotechnology company whose venture capital group is growing tired of pumping in new blood every quarter. Pierce is hired to turn the company around, to raise it from the dead. He intends on re-engineering the company, changing its structure and much of its personnel.

Pierce wants Norman, the unambitious manager of the Human Resources department, to find him the people with ideas and to fire the people without them. Norman's on-the-job training alternates with chapters that follow Pierce's education in management and evil in 18th-century France and England.

$12.95 paper, 224 pages, ISBN 0-945774-29-X. Also available as an e-book.

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