In a Fog

The Humorists' Guide to England

Edited by Robert Wechsler

"A first-rate gift for the traveler-to-be as well as for stay-at-homes."
New York Times

"Whether you want help deciding what kind of cream soup the London sky resembles
or just want to read a play-by-play analysis of Italy's national sport fare rumore (making noise)
the Humorists' Guides will serve you well."
Travel & Leisure

In A Fog provides a completely different perspective than the garden-variety guidebook: the senses of humor of our best humorists, travel writers, and cartoonists. What interests the humorist is not so much the places we set down out bags, as the baggage we carry with us.

Tally ho and away you'll go through stories, memoirs, character sketches, descriptions, light verse, drawings, and cartoons. Yet In A Fog is organized much like any other guide: preparations and arrival, pubs and museums, shopping and chasing fox, even coming home and telling the neighbors, it's all here.

$12.95 paper, 192 pp., illustrated, ISBN 0-945774-03-6

To read an excerpt from In a Fog, in PDF format, click here.

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