The Handbook of

Law Firm Mismanagement

For the 21st Century

by Arnold B. Kanter

with drawings by Paul Hoffman

“Kanter's take on law firms is one part Woody Allen, one part

Grand Guignol, and one part Harvard Business School. It should be

required reading for all lawyers in big firms, law students, and

anyone else interested in the bizarre nature of our business.”

—Lawrence M. Friedman, Chicago Bar Association Record

“Kanter continues to affirm his position
as America's leading legal humorist.”

—David I. Grunfeld, Philadelphia Lawyer

More competitive, more dependent on computer technology, and somehow even more stressful, the business of law in the 21st Century can now be mismanaged in more ways than ever before. And Arnold Kanter, America’s only expert on law firm mismanagement, is back with a whole new array of humorous committee meetings, memos, speeches, and consultants’ reports that present lawyers acting not like sharks, but rather floundering in a sea of dilemmas.

          The lawyers of Kanter’s mythical firm, Fairweather, Winters & Sommers, consider the advantages of merging and going virtual; they bicker over a firm website and in front of a morning talk show audience; they try to understand economics and figure out what to do when a big corporate client gets caught being unusually unethical. A sports mogul client argues for drafting law school grads as if they were athletes, and a look into the future finds earth lawyers trolling outer space for new business. And then there’s the woeful art of hiring lawyers, which comes in for a good share of lampooning. But always, as ever, the firm’s founder, Stanley Fairweather, gets the last, wise word.

          With wisdom, a great sense of humor, and a wild imagination, Arnold B. Kanter once again turns a dull topic into hilarious farce, and entertains lawyers while showing them the way of their errors. And Paul Hoffman is back to illustrate the fun


Arnold B. Kanter is a lawyer who has for many years worked as a consultant to law firms on management and hiring issues. He is the author of five other volumes of legal humor, including the four other volumes in the Law Firm Mismanagement series and The Lawyer’s Big Book of Fun. He is also the author of the serious Essential Book of Interviewing.


Paul Hoffman has illustrated all of the books in this series, as well as books by Jeffrey Shaffer and Karel Čapek, numerous cookbooks and other books. He lives in Greenfield, Massachusetts.


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