Was That a Tax Lawyer
Who Just Flew Over?

by Arnold B. Kanter

with drawings by Paul Hoffman

"No one in the United States who writes about life and the law is funnier
than Arnold B. Kanter."

—Scott Turow

Everybody has something to do with lawyers, but few of us get our day in court — or even in a law firm — to say how we feel.

In his fifth collection of law-firm humor, Kanter shares with us the humorous perspectives of everyone from clients, jurors, and accountants, to the mother of a new associate trying to drum up business for her "little girl" (see sample story below), a homeless person caught in a lawyer's well-meaning scheme to make him a charitable corporation, and the child of a two-lawyer couple who can't run a lemonade stand without everything becoming a major issue.

$13.95 paper, 200 pp., ISBN 0-945774-31-1. Also available as an e-book.

Click here to read a sample story from Was That a Tax Lawyer Who Just Flew Over?

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